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IBET Climate is now Rethink Climate!


invest in de-risked companies that positively impact the planet.


embrace climate-efficient solutions that drive profitability.


realize their international climate commitments and lead by example.

We’re a beacon for governments, businesses, and venture capitalists seeking to rapidly turn powerful climate ideas into reality.   With Rethink Climate:


Company Creation

We combine our global network of expertise with world-class start-up talent and creative funding to build ventures.  


Tech Formulation

We partner with deep climate science experts to construct the technology that meets our customers’ specific needs. Complete with a product roadmap and go-to-market strategy, we reduce the time to market and substantially mitigate the risk of future pivots.


The Rethink Climate approach


Our approach is anchored in our proprietary Customer & Climate Requirements Doc (CCRD), a uniquely powerful and collaborative process. We collaborate with businesses and governments to gain a deep understanding of their current operations, identify climate inefficiencies, and envision a more practical and sustainable future.



Rethink Climate creates & commercializes transformative climate tech solutions that reduce annual global CO2 emissions by 1%.

It’s time to Rethink how we solve critical climate challenges

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We consider the economics and technical practicality of scaling and commercializing climate solutions from the start.

Innovation without adoption.

Often, ideas that seem world-changing in a lab don’t translate effectively in real life.


We systematically eliminate confirmation bias by first understanding customer pain points and needs, and only then move to  develop a tech solution.

Confirmation bias is misleading.

It’s common for founders to start with product development first and aim to “market” second.


Drawing on decades of expertise founding and leading businesses, we assemble experienced teams with key skills and conviction from launch.

Execution failures hinder impact.

Internal mismanagement can hold teams back from their highest potential


We are a team of deep climate experts & seasoned entrepreneurs committed to creating market-ready, scalable tech solutions and ensuring their successful adoption into thriving companies. Our approach addresses three key obstacles to successful climate solutions, allowing us to act with urgency and clarity.

Climate change is a threat that cannot be ignored

We act with urgency and clarity knowing that we have no Planet B.   Learn about our active and launched missions.

Our missions


Learn More

Building Energy

Rethink Climate is working to reduce building carbon emissions by half with a clear, low cost, easy to install insulating film. 



Employing advanced  modelling and UAVs to stop lightning strikes and prevent the catastrophic wildfires that are producing 3X more CO2 than the Canadian economy.



The Ekona’s xCaliber reactor is a low-cost, deployable solution that allows companies to produce methane with 90% fewer GHG emissions than incumbent steam methane reformers.

Our team has collectively started dozens of successful companies in the tech and climate space.

Meet our team

Corporate Services

_Bender, Robert.jpg

CRD Technical Lead

Brown, Mike.jpg

Board, Chairman

Chelly, Mike.jpg

Financial Analyst

Conner, Denis.jpg

Board, Director

Dizy, Ron.jpg

Board, President & CEO

Goldman, Sam.jpg

CRD Lead

Kratschmar, Ken.jpg

CRD Technical Lead

Merida, Walter.jpg

Board, Director

Metcalfe, Malcolm.jpg

CRD Technical Lead

Reid, Chris.jpg

Board, Director

Sherman, Mike.jpg

CRD Lead

Invest in a Mission and receive founding shares in the companies we build. We share the upside with every collaborator, enabling us to win together.

Invest with us

Do you have a technology that can address the world’s collaborator, enabling us to win together.  collaborator, enabling us to win together.

Collaborate with us

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