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Robert Bender

CRD Technical Lead

With over 40 years of experience in successfully commercializing cutting-edge technologies in the fields of life sciences and healthcare, Robert brings expertise that encompasses laboratory research through to large-scale implementation.

He has held pivotal roles as a venture investor/executive at various companies he co-founded, including Stake Technology, Bio Logicals, Neurochem, Immune Control Inc., Pharmena Inc., Atreus Pharma, and Banting Corp.

As the founder of Bio Logicals, Robert spearheaded the development and market introduction of the world's first fully automated DNA synthesizer. His leadership as founding CEO of Neurochem (NASDAQ: NRMX) played a pivotal role in advancing the company's central nervous system (CNS) assets into Phase 3 clinical trials.  As a co-founder of Atreus Pharma, later acquired by Novartis, Robert contributed to the development of innovative radio pharmaceuticals, evidencing his commitment to advancements in healthcare.

He currently serves as the founder and Chair of Revivo Therapeutics, a company dedicated to advancing clinical-stage assets targeting CNS indications.  Additionally, Robert holds the positions of Chair and CEO at Banting Corp., specializing in formulated foods aimed at promoting healthy aging.


Robert’s decision to join IBET is based on his dedication to addressing climate change - one of the most pressing challenges of our time.

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