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A Unique Opportunity to Make a Global Impact on Climate Change

Job Type:  Part Time (1-2 days/week)

Join us at IBET (Innovation Breakthrough Energy Technologies)! We are a distributed, passionate, and fun team based across Canada, creating commercially scalable gigaton solutions to the climate crisis. This critical role will join Project Strike Out, a seven-person team working on lightning suppression, as we move from lab to the cloud. This role may evolve to a full-time founding member of a new business but currently needs anywhere from 5-20 hrs/week. 

Why Lightning? In 2023 alone, Canada’s wildfires burned 5% of its forests (18.4m ha) and released 2.4 GT of emissions. This was almost as much as India’s 2023 emissions, 3 times Canada’s anthropogenic carbon emissions, and 5% of global emissions. Most megafires are caused by lightning strikes, which are predicted to increase sharply with global warming. While efforts are being made to counter megafires through improved forest management, IBET wants to avoid lightning-induced megafires and their emissions now and thus buy humanity more time to solve our climate crisis.

Project Overview: Seeking a skilled Cloud Dynamics and Lightning Specialist to join a ground breaking project aimed at preventing lightning-induced mega wildfires. This innovative initiative brings together a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in aerospace, carbon sequestration, clean hydrogen, and clean energy, alongside electrical and biological engineers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Research and Analysis: Inform and help conduct cutting-edge research on cloud dynamics, lightning formation, and cloud behaviour to mitigate the causes of lightning-induced fires.

  • Model Development: Develop and refine predictive models for lightning activity and associated wildfire risks, leveraging the latest in atmospheric and meteorological data.

  • Innovation: Work on the development of novel technologies or methodologies to prevent or reduce the occurrence of lightning-induced wildfires.

  • Collaboration: Engage with a team of business experts, engineers, and scientists to integrate findings into practical, scalable solutions for wildfire prevention.

  • Reporting: Provide regular updates on research progress, insights, and recommendations.

  • Attendance: Attend regular and ad hoc weekly virtual meetings in the Pacific Time Zone.


  • Education:  Advanced degree (Ph.D. preferred) in Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Env. Science, or a closely related field with a focus on cloud dynamics and lightning.

  • Experience:  Demonstrated experience in atmospheric research, particularly related to cloud dynamics, lightning, and their impacts. Experience with wildfire science is a plus.

  • Technical Skills:  Proficiency in atmospheric modeling software, data analysis tools, and programming languages relevant to atmospheric and environmental research.

  • Innovative Thinking:  Ability to think creatively and work on groundbreaking solutions in the field of wildfire prevention and environmental protection.

  • Communication:  Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to convey complex scientific concepts to non-expert audiences.

  • Teamwork:  Successfully collaborated on complex projects with multidisciplinary teams.

To Apply: Email with your cover letter and CV / Resume.

Cloud Dynamics and Lightning Specialist

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